a)  The uniform consists of a blue pleated skirt and white blouse, with a monogram, black ribbons, white socks and black shoes (with a strap)


b)  In winter NAVY BLUE BLAZERS for Std I – X of the school pattern and long black stockings or leggings will be worn. Parents will kindly see that their children come to school in full uniform, neat and clean. Faded skirts will not be allowed. Nobody should enter the school (on class days) without the complete school uniform.


c)  Uniform for XI and XII
Cream blouse with a monogram and red checked skirts, black shoes, white socks. In winter black blazer, of the school pattern will be worn. The length of the skirt will be below the knees.


d)  No ornaments should be worn, no style permitted. The student must be simply dressed. Use of Nail Polish, Lipstick & “Mehendi” are not permitted. Charms, rings etc which are seen may not be worn for whatever reasons. Hair should be neatly kept.

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